2020 – gegen den Krieg

Süßer die Säbel nie rasseln!


NATO Summit and 2020 planned Aggression 

By Peter Koenig

December 12, 2019



“ […] President Macron has undoubtedly succeeded in getting himself talked about before the summit and he has obtained that is indicated in the joint statement the opening of a group of “prospective reflection” on the strategy of the Atlantic Alliance; in fact, France will remain in NATO an unconditional ally of the strategies decided in Washington.

The pacifist counter-summit decided to intensify its actions in 2020 to denounce NATO as a factor of war and insecurity and to demand its dissolution, in favor of a security alternative that includes all the countries of the continent. European. The Defender 2020 maneuvers will be the occasion for the mobilization of public opinion against NATO, an instrument of war in the service of North American hegemony, in favor of a Europe of peace in a safer world.“

DEFENDER-Europe 20

“ […] Exercise DEFENDER-Europe 20 is the deployment of a division-size combat-credible force from the United States to Europe, the drawing of equipment and the movement of personnel and equipment across the theater to various training areas.

U.S.-based equipment will leave from ports in four states and arrive in six European countries. This will require the support of tens of thousands of service members and civilians in multiple nations. 

U.S. service members will then spread out across the region to establish intermediate staging bases with multinational forces and participate in various annual exercises.

These U.S. and European exercises are regularly conducted and not part of DEFENDER-Europe 20, but rather „linked“ through a shared exercise scenario, coordinated mission command, mutual sustainment and common communication environment.

DEFENDER-Europe 20 is the largest deployment of U.S.-based forces to Europe for an exercise in the more than 25 years.“
 DEFENDER-Europe 20 Fact Sheet    

Cyprus Conference Call (March 28-29, 2020 in Larnaca) 

Let Us Join Hands to Defeat Imperialism


“ […] Based on understanding this urgent need, the World Peace Council and the Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases have joined hands to organize an international conference to promote deeper understanding of the nature of imperialism and its deadly threat to the survival of the humanity, and to bring all anti-imperialist forces around the world together to form a unified, well-coordinated, and effective struggle against imperialism and its aggressive, anti-human policies around the world.

We call upon all defenders of peace, justice and the environment throughout the world to join us in this effort by signing on to our call, and to co-sponsor, register and participate in the International Anti-Imperialist Conference to be held on March 28-29, 2020 in Larnaca, Cyprus.“


Danke für den Hinweis Afsane Bahar